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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Trunk Shows!!!

We're having some great trunk shows over Thanksgiving week! Starting tomorrow we're doing custom "build your own necklaces", these will be guaranteed for Christmas, they make great gifts!!!
We're doing necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, earrings & keychains!!! There are so many charm options to choose from, come in and create an amazing piece for you or someone you love!!!

Starting the day after Thanksgiving, the 26th, we're doing the Before & Again trunk show!

We have tons of shirts and dresses in stock as well as a preview of all the old & new prints for you to chose from and order your own special piece!!! They've finally come out with a 3/4 sleeve top as well as a dress!!! Come and get yours, they look amazing!!!
We hope to see you all soon!!! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hello All! Long time, no blog. As most of you know, summer is stupidly slow here in Boca Grande, but we've been doing some buying and have some amazing stuff coming in for fall. Our new obsessions...well, Emily's new obsessions are: Cashmere, wrap bracelets, pretty tops, flowy skirts and fabulous necklaces, so stay tuned for all that! Also, since Emily's sick of looking at the stuff in the store our summer sale at 40% off will continue until that last week of October this year, so come on in as soon as you get into town! We'll be doing custom build your own necklaces during Thanksgiving week for Xmas presents and we're also having a Before & Again trunk show the weekend after Thanksgiving so mark it on your calendars, this season is going to be a fun one! Can't wait to see you all again!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tokyo Milk

We carry this fabulously amazing smelling body line called Tokyo Milk. It's a new line created by the same woman who made the infamous "Lollia" - a great floral line. Tokyo Milk has probably about 20 different perfume smells, which all smell delicious! My top two are:

Sparrow: This scent is crisp and fresh - it has hints of: citrus, gardenia, crisp greens and rosewood. It just makes you feel clean! Plus the bird looks cute on my vanity.
Paper & Cotton: The name makes me think of a tiny french boutique - but the smell....holy amazing! This perfume contains: coriander, white sage, birch wood & tundra moss, but is smells like a sexy man! I love wearing it when I dress up - great dress - sexy man smell - who needs a date? Hellllooooo me! In April, Tokyo Milk held a national store display contest - the winner receives free product. Guess who won? That's right! US!!!!! Here's our display for those of you who fled the island after March madness.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Moose in the store!

There was a moose in our store shopping the other day. She loved, loved, loved the jeans and also found the pj's quite amazing, and delicious!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Feel Handmade

OK, I'm a little obsessed with this new handbag line we've recently discovered, Feel Handmade. This husband and wife team makes the most amazing bags - the leather is awesome (they use the same tannery as LV), the detailing is impeccable, and design is completely unique. I loved their stuff so much that i felt the need to purchase 3 pieces! Here are my three:

This one is called "Small Forest" - it's a great size - i can fit everything i need - and i need a lot - into it.

This is the medium clutch - I got this in Rose with teal silk lining - awesome - and the best part: my ipad fits.

This is the small clutch - i use it as a make up bag for my large hand bag - i love the color!

There are a few others that i would buy if i could, cause i love them!

This is Flock - great size - great design.

Weeping Willow - Tote or fold it over to be a clutch - really sort of obsessed with this little number - it's in the store now.....so tempting....

Josh and Erin Johnson of Feel Handmade lived here on the island for about a year with their cute son, Oliver Snow, they are an amazing couple and i'm so happy to have some of their bags - they're working on a few more colors and hopefully we'll have some clutches as well as a few hand bags in the store in the fall. Every aspect of every bag is designed and handmade by the couple, each large bag also has a unique little water color framed in feel stamped metal. Mine has and handsome peacock.

They cost a pretty penny, but wouldn't you rather have an amazing handbag that no one has ever seen rather than a mass produced, been-there, seen-that, "oh i have that" bag. It's boutique people! Jump on the band wagon! See all their stuff at www.feelhandmade.com.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Roller Rabbit

Here we are in our first blog mention - yay! Matters of Style blog - obviously these girls have fabulous taste for mentioning us! Check out their blog for more great lifestyle ideas! Here are our windows stacked with RRR pillows, this event usually occurs in March, but i think we might do it for November this year as well, it's just too much fun to pass up!


Here is our first blog for our little boutique in Boca Grande, FL. Summers are slow times here, so there won't be much updating at first, but we hope to make this a regular thing for our store! Keep checking for updates!